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photo_meditationYou can join our group meditation and classes, or arrange private sessions for a deeper experience.

All kinds of meditation have a common aim; to attain a calm inner-self – or spirit – and inner peace.
When the spirit is troubled, the thoughts and feelings are troubled too, and this will disturb the vital energy in us.
Worries, troubles, and memories, events, and dreams get crammed inside our soul, and we fail to concentrate or see clearly.
Our life is lived in vain; our health will suffer while we stay overwhelmed with our thoughts and illusions.

Meditation creates a vast emptiness in the mind and stops thoughts from building up. As a result, the spirit will be clear and consciousness will shine and become an immense force.

Meditations vary, but the aim is the same: achieving psychological and physical tranquility, opening all doors inside our bodies so that we can attract energy and assimilate, channel, harmonize and maintain it at a high level.

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Meditation - Maha Nammour