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Energy, Reiki Jin Kei Do

univ_reiki“Reiki means the power of universal life and the science originating from knowledge of this power. Reiki is a set of techniques pertaining to the transfer of this power. After arduous years of training, I discovered a spiritual secret (Reiki), through which the body and spirit can be liberated.” – Mikao Usui

Energy is the power that moves the universe. In Chinese, it is called ‘Chi’; in Japanese, ‘Qi’, and in Sanskrit, ‘Prana’, or air, breath, or universal life energy. Energy is the basis of life in us; it is the force that creates and moves stars, planets, constellations, and even our thoughts and feelings. It is the force that unifies and balances the elements of our bodies and ensures the continuation of matters and creations. Wherever energy exists, life will always spring .

Reiki means “Universal Life Energy” and is made up of two japanese characters: “Rei” the universal energy and “Ki” the vital force within every living thing. Since Reiki  works on the energy imbalances, it has an impact on three levels: physical, emotional and mental. Due to various reasons such as mechanical life style, overworking, constant busy mind, staying away from the nature and the universe, which we are part of it, our energy gets unbalanced meaning either congested or depleted. The main reason for all our problems whether physical, psychological or emotional, is due to our disconnection with cosmic or universal energy. Therefore by practicing Reiki we can learn how to re-connect our energy with cosmic energy. Reiki introduces you to your true self away from biased perceptions. You become familiar with your inner self and your body, in the “here and now”.  Reiki Jin Kei Do, where the 3 principles “Jin” (wisdom), “Kei” (compassion), and “Do” (way, path), prepares you to live, through compassion and wisdom, a healthier and balanced life.  Eventually, it becomes a philosophy of life rather than just a healing method. The ultimate purposes of this practice are Harmony, Inner peace and Serenity. And therefore just be.

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Energy, Reiki Jin Kei Do - Maha Nammour