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univ_meditation“In meditation, the importance lies in the quality of the soul and heart; not in what we have achieved, what we say, or what we have attained. Rather, the quality of an innocent soul that is fragile.” – Krishnamurti

Thousands of years ago, pioneers of energy discovered the centers of energy in the body through deep listening to the body’s intrinsic nature. Since then, it has been known that it is impossible to fathom the depth of our inner body – the real and pure self – except by detachment, liberation, and moving away from the outer world. We should accept the world as it is and let go of our attachments to it through meditation.  To attain that we need to observe two things which are the foundation of meditation:

• Silence and tranquility
• Listening and openness

After that, we concentrate our awareness on breathing, moment by moment, in a state of complete abandon. With every breath, we penetrate the furthest boundaries deep inside and touch the pure inner-self.

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Meditation - Maha Nammour