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The principles

univ_principlesThey’re based on the principle of Interdependence, Universal Love and Infinite Compassion.

They express the balance between all creatures, and everything animated by the same life.

They guide us through a greater responsibility.

They make us observe ourselves, develop a deep sense of acceptation, and let us face our emotions, so we can understand their origins. Thus, we can “heal” them by using the appropriate means, such as practicing Reiki regularly.

Human being is a miniature of the whole universe (microcosm and macrocosm), and the reactive energy in created beings is the same energy that reacts in the universe. When we study the cycle of energy within us, we can conceptualize the universe and nurture energy through consciousness. This process allows our cells to connect with the universal energy (the supreme self) and to become unlimited universal cells, beyond boundaries, individualism and isolation.

Thousands of years ago, pioneers of energy discovered the centers of energy in the body through deep listening to the body’s intrinsic nature. Since then, it has been known that it is impossible to fathom the depth of our inner body – the real and pure self – except by detachment, liberation, and moving away from the outer world. We should accept the world as it is and let go of our attachments to it through meditation. To attain that we need to observe two things which are the foundation of meditation: “Silence & tranquility”, and “Listening & openness”.

After that, we concentrate our awareness on breathing, moment by moment, in a state of complete abandon. With every breath, we penetrate the furthest boundaries deep inside and touch the pure inner-self.

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The principles - Maha Nammour