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Energy Healing

photo_energyhealingReiki Jin Kei Do courses (Level 1, Level 2, & Master)
We propose individual treatment sessions and Reiki or Budhho courses. There are three levels in Reiki and Buddho Enersense: Level1, level2, and Master.

A Reiki Jin Kei Do course includes several kinds of meditations, how to do self-treatments and how to do the session on others. The practice of meditation creates a state of calm-mind allowing a space of peacefulness and vacuity, making room in the mind and the heart, and therefore in the thoughts and emotions. Through meditation, it is possible to be aware and observe the pure self in order not to put judgments on ourselves or on others. It also includes an in-depth insight on how to live our daily life, through the way of wisdom and compassion.

At the core of the workshop, the participant receives attunement or harmonization with the universal energy in order to activate our chakras and meridians. This permanently guides the person to greater healing power.
A practice of 21 days is required to allow the evolution

Reiki I – The beginning stage
The first level of Reiki Jin Kei Do lasts for three days, during which the trainee meets with energy. During the course, he learns how to see clearly. Through meditation, he can create the necessary space and stillness to reach his pure, divine inner-self, which dwells in him but of which he may be unaware.

At the core of the course, the trainee receives energy activations to raise the vibration frequency of the energy centers of his body. This enables him to enhance his self-ability of healing for himself or for others.

Reiki II – The next step of training
The second degree of Reiki is all about the healing of relationship between yourself and the other. The first other is yourself because you have to heal your own self first. Afterwards it will be easy to heal relations with others and deal with complicated emotional, social, financial, sexual, existential and political concerns. Symbols are keys that will allow you to open yourself with love, sincerity, kindness and to change yourself into energy and light.

Reiki III – The master training
Teaching Reiki is a great responsibility that requires years of practice and experience in every vision and concept. It requires a reconstruction of the inner-self. The initiator should be knowledgeable and experienced in social relations and the meaning of healing. Before teaching anything to others, I must first learn it myself. The real Master is capable of achieving tranquility and self-control. He is liberated from his past and habits. The master needs to establish harmony with the universal energy and practice daily meditation. He is completely attentive and accessible, dedicated and serious toward the responsibility of Reiki.

The Reiki session
When the ratio of energy, or vitality, in the body, is correct, physical and psychological pain will vanish, but when the energy fades, the immunity will become frail. Weakness will surface effectively followed by sickness and then a lack of vitality or a state of death. Ignorance is therefore the primary and basic cause of every weakness or pain.

It is enough to re-channel the energy to let it flow while maintaining its balance so that the body works perfectly and gets back its health and vitality. This process protects the body from sickness and pain and treats the fatigue it suffers. It is enough to supply the body with the force of life so that, with its innate intelligence, it can use this energy where needed.

Benefits and characteristics

  • Balances the subtle energies in the body
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Reduces physical pain, tension, and stress
  • Relieves depression, anxiety and emotional troubles
  • Accelerates the natural healing process
  • Enriches spiritual life
  • Incorporates safely with other therapies
  • Effective on wounds and chronic diseases


on Energy Healing.
  1. Tania

    Yo whom it may concern,

    I am intrested in taking the Reiki courses.
    May i have an idea about the course location ,the schedules and the prices please.

    Thank you

    Tania B

  2. -

    Dear Tania,

    Thank you for your comment.

    Updates about courses and sessions are usually posted online as they are planned. At the moment, Maha Nammour is in Paris, France where she is still giving sessions until mid-December.

    As many people do, feel free as well to send by email (info@mahanammour.com) your preferences and country of location, so the schedule can be made accordingly if possible. An e-mail will be sent to you with more details.

    Kind regards

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